What folks say about Tom St. Louis

Charles Novogrodsky

Charles Novogrodsk

Charles Novogrodsky
principal of Charles Novogrosky and Associates
http: //www.connectingwithdiversity.com
“Tom St. Louis came to us two years ago as our marketing consultant. We have doubled our business using his suggestions. We deeply appreciate the personal attention we have received, the way Tom teaches and tailors his advice and his ongoing interest in our success. We find that Tom is able to apply powerful generic marketing principles to specific small business circumstances—in our somewhat unusual business this is really important. Tom is a helper. He pays personal attention—his fees are worth every cent.”
Rob Sugar

Rob Sugar

Rob Sugar
Weight Management Coach

“It’s amazing how just a few simple recommendations from you has more than tripled my income. I wish I had listened to you earlier, as it [not listening to you] has truly cost me tens of thousands of dollars.”

Holistic Vet

Dr. Autumn Louise

Dr. Autumn Louise Drouin
Naturopath and Veterinarian

“Hi Tom: Just a note to let you know that I am one of the ones who applied some of your recommendations following the Marketing Audit I had at the beginning of the year. I must admit that I have only applied 10% or at the maximum 20% of what you recommended. It worked so well, I’m too swamped with patients/clients to implement the rest. Thank you” ~