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Yellow Pages Secrets for Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Dominate the Shrinking Rump

Start with the right objective:

Strategy Execution There is a completely different and much more effective way for personal injury law firms to advertise in the Yellow Pages. You can take a double truck and fill it with bullet points and agonize about how much bold and how big the type. Or you can get strategic.

Do you even know what that means…in the context of communicating value?

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The Find Engine…Don’t Make Me Laugh! Stop It! You’re Killing Me!

Once upon a time a nasty little flea challenged an elephant to a duel, but the elephant didn’t notice and it made the flea angry. But who cares about the feelings of a nasty little flea?

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The Secret to Yellow Pages Dominance

Albert Einstein once said, “A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its old shape.”

Get ready to stretch your mind.

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Should You Cancel Your Law Firm’s Yellow Pages ad?

yellow page advertising If you think advertising in the Yellow Pages is not right for your law firm, you may be right. But not so fast.

Did you used to run a big double truck, but then the response fell off year over year and finally you got out while the getting was good? Or, are you one of the many who are thinking of pulling the plug, but are more concerned about what you may lose than what you are not now getting?

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