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Looking At Your Yellow Pages Ad Through a Brand New Lens

look--- One of the biggest errors that advertisers in the  Yellow Pages consistently make is thinking it’s about THEM. You think your ad is about you. You think you’ve paid all this money so it’s your chance to puff out your chest and brag about how great you are.

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10 Top Ways to Improve Your Yellow Pages Ad : For Personal Injury Lawyers and Other Yellow Pages Advertisers

photo_652_20080907 Are you a double truck law firm yellow pages advertiser? Or, are you a tiny quarter column advertiser? No matter, here’s a quick check list you can use to see if you are on track…or way off the mark.

The result you are seeking from your yellow pages ad is a perfectly qualified person calling you and only you, knowing that you are offering  exactly what they are looking for. Sounds easy, but  many law firms investing hundreds of thousands of  dollars get this wrong year after year.

Here are your ten tips. Look at your ad and see if you are doing it right.

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The Find Engine…Don’t Make Me Laugh! Stop It! You’re Killing Me!

Once upon a time a nasty little flea challenged an elephant to a duel, but the elephant didn’t notice and it made the flea angry. But who cares about the feelings of a nasty little flea?

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Lawyers Get Emotional About Yellow Pages Advertising

marketing-emotion The advertiser who understands their prospect’s emotional state wins. There are many “emotional” categories of Yellow Pages ads. Ads for funeral homes come to mind. A person in a state of grief who does not know who to call flips through the Yellow Pages in that tragic time and sees nothing but self-serving ads. If one advertiser understood the mindset of that person, and built an ad around them, it would skyrocket the response. I know, because I’ve done it.

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The Secret to Yellow Pages Dominance

Albert Einstein once said, “A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its old shape.”

Get ready to stretch your mind.

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Should You Cancel Your Law Firm’s Yellow Pages ad?

yellow page advertising If you think advertising in the Yellow Pages is not right for your law firm, you may be right. But not so fast.

Did you used to run a big double truck, but then the response fell off year over year and finally you got out while the getting was good? Or, are you one of the many who are thinking of pulling the plug, but are more concerned about what you may lose than what you are not now getting?

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