Who Is Tom St. Louis?


I’ve been in marketing for over twenty years.

I learned to my astonishment at age 23 that I had an intuitive grasp of business strategy.

What a shock!

A friend told me about her business, and I offered her some suggestions. A few months later she called me and reported that she had doubled her sales by following my advice.


Up to that moment all I knew was that I could play a mean guitar, and I knew that I could unload a mean truck.

This insight led me on an odyssey which had me studying the greats of marketing, like Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy,Jay Abraham (I have been personally mentored by Jay), Dan Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Chet Holmes and many others.

One thing I’ve learned is that strategy and tactics are not enough. In many cases the clients who have gotten the
biggest benefit from me are the ones who invested in a single consultation, listened closely, took notes and implemented!

As crazy as it sounds, on some subconscious level, a lot of business owners think the strategies will implement themselves. They invest in finding out, do nothing and complain.

But then there are the ones who look in the mirror and see the person who is responsible for their success and
unsuccess. That is the client I want. That is the person I can help.

I have written ads that have pulled millions in sales. I have optimized programs…like telemarketing scripts and
sales performance. And I have created corporate presentations that have multiplied closing ratios.

Who is the perfect client for me? A business owner with a great product or service who realizes that they can’t grow
it any more by working harder.


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