Why Your Yellow Pages Ad Response Sucks

yellow page advertising for personal injury lawyers You’re not alone. Every month, personal injury lawyers across America and around the world cut a big check for their directory ads — be they double trucks, back pages, full color process pages or even quarter page ads. And the same questions linger in every mind.

Is this a good investment? Can I afford to bail and let my competitor have my spot? Is there something better I  could be doing with all this money? How many cases do I need to catch to justify this expense? How much time and bother do we go through to kiss all these frogs hoping for a prince or two?

First of all, you should know that it’s not likely that any of your competitors is getting much more response than you. Not because your ad is good, but because if you’ve been taking advice from your directory rep about your ad, it sucks like all the other ads.

The very design of the Yellow Pages directories practically guarantees mediocre response for everyone. The quick and dirty way to determine if anyone might be cleaning up is to count how many pages there are as big as your ad. If you are a double truck and there are ten double trucks, then you’re in a very competitive market. If you are one of five or ten top advertisers, simply take the number of calls you receive on average per month (please tell me you are tracking your response!) and multiply it by the number of major competitors there are. Now you have your number. If your ad is pretty much the same as all the others, then you know more or less how your competitors are faring.

They may be better at answering the phone. They may be not as good as you. If you have a weak receptionist, you are leaking cases. But, if any of your competitors’ ads is vastly different than all the others, you may need to put some thought in how to counter what they are doing, if  you decide to stay in the directory for one more year.

To further compound your misery, take it as a given that the Yellow Pages will all but disappear. Twenty five year olds use Google. You know it. At best, the Yellow Pages directories are a shrinking rump of marketing. So, if you are taking only your share and nothing more, your ad sucks. The Yellow Pages is not a cooperative venture. It’s a trench war and you’ve allowed yourself to be disarmed by a directory rep who worked like blazes to ensure that your ad was like everyone else’s. Check back here in a day or two for a little known secret: the three words you must know to understand the mindset of your prospect and how they use the Yellow Pages.

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2 responses to “Why Your Yellow Pages Ad Response Sucks

  1. Great post, I couldnt be more against yellow page advertising if you paid me. I actually had a short stint in the yellow page industry years back before becoming a full blown internet marketer, and I was shocked at how it was still a viable industry…even back then!

    Maybe it’s my obsessive compulsive personality, but I have no interest in any form of advertising that doesnt offer the same level of granular tracking as online advertising does.

    Like you said, 25 year olds use Google, not a phone book…those 25 year olds will be 40 year olds in no time, dominating the search scene. By that time the yellow pages will be long gone, along with anyone who is currently relying on them to drive their marketing efforts.

    I am located in northeast PA, where the average age is one of the highest in the country. So as a local internet marketing firm it’s a fun challenge convincing established businesses that they will eventually need to let go of the yellow pages.

    I had my own little rant about the situation in our area on the blog at javaleaf’s site if you’re interested.

    Either way, great post, glad we share the same feelings.

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