Contradictory Thinking in the Minds of Personal Injury Lawyers who Advertise in the Yellow Pages

copycat Lawyers are thinkers. They make distinctions, advance arguments, refute arguments, gather facts, make presentations, negotiate settlements.

It’s work that requires rigor, and a degree of mental acuity.

There must be something perpetually niggling you about your Yellow Pages program, whether you are running a double truck or something more modest. Your logical mind is in a perpetual collision course with your gut, because unless you are totally different from every other personal injury law firm, your advertising "program" makes no sense.

In fact it makes the opposite of sense. How do I know this? Well, having consulted with personal injury law firms all over the US and Canada, I’ve seen a lot. And I’ve spoken to the lawyers.

There is a contradiction at the core of your Yellow Pages advertising program. There are two competing thoughts, and they cannot live together in harmony. One of them has to go. You decide which.

The first thought is: We want to stand out. We want to be unique. We are willing to be different.

The second thought is: Let’s see what everyone else is doing. Let’s poach that element from this guy and let’s poach this element from that guy. Let’s take all the good stuff from all the other personal injury lawyer’s ads and our ad will be really powerful!

Can you see how the second thought undercuts and destroys your good hopes expressed in the first thought.

So, which will it be? Will you be unique or a copy cat. You can’t be both.

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