Yellow Pages Secrets for Personal Injury Lawyers: How to Dominate the Shrinking Rump

Start with the right objective:

Strategy Execution There is a completely different and much more effective way for personal injury law firms to advertise in the Yellow Pages. You can take a double truck and fill it with bullet points and agonize about how much bold and how big the type. Or you can get strategic.

Do you even know what that means…in the context of communicating value?

Advertising in the Yellow Pages is a risky business as response plummets year over year. If you are not new to the game, you know it’s a medium that is being eaten away by the Internet. One of the big questions is, “When to abandon ship?”

Another question is also compelling: “If everyone is bailing, can I dominate the rump and be profitable?”

Here is a key distinction to keep in mind that will drive your Yellow Pages program, whether you are a double truck advertiser or one of those more modest personal injury firms who run a half page ad or smaller.

Think about a directory with 50 pages of lawyer ads every year. Have you ever thought how absurd that is? How completely illogical? If there were effective ads, wouldn’t they put the others out of business within a year or two?

Now think of your advertising strategy. How is it different from your competitors? What is in your ad that would make a person in need of a lawyer say, “I’ve got to call these guys and nobody else?”

That’s the correct objective. If your objective up to this point has been, “To make the phone ring”, then think again. Make your objective to have a person who is looking for a great lawyer to see your ad, read it and say, “I will call these guys and nobody else.”

How can you make an ad like that? Keep on coming back to this space. And read some earlier posts. There is much much more to share.

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