The Ultimate Secret to Increasing Referrals for Personal Injury Law

tm2Do you know the secret key to “referrability”?

(WARNING: What I’m about to tell you is so powerful  you could blink and miss it. If nothing else, read this story closely because it reveals a principle that you will not find written about or discussed anywhere else.

I personally have considerable experience developing referral programs for many different kinds of businesses including law firms.

I have been engaged to speak to groups of entrepreneurs about various high-leverage marketing strategies — including referrals. I’ve also published a lot of information on the subject.

You are about to learn the thing that none of the other marketing wizards has ever talked about. It’s something we discovered accidentally at Larry Levin’s firm, Shor & Levin  in Philadelphia.

Check them out here: or here:

It started innocuously enough. We invited what we call their “Ambassador Class”  of clients to come in for a day of interviews. My objective was to get deep into their skulls and extract a lexicon based on their language patterns that would then be used in all their ads and web text. I also thought it would be a great thing if they received some acknowledgment and thanks for being such great clients.

Remember, these people selected were top referrers. They had personally achieved great outcomes through Larry and his partner’s legal work on their behalf and had each referred multiple cases.

The day was quite moving and it was also quite touching. Each of the partners came and greeted their Ambassadors.

They were served an excellent buffet lunch. I interviewed each with great care. And I conducted a round table discussion — which was recorded. Their opportunity to register their perceptions and concerns and opinions and feelings in a formal way seemed to be much appreciated. Now, keep in mind that if Larry’s firm never received another referral from any one of these Ambassadors they would have been more than happy because each Ambassador was an extraordinary referrer.

But, what happened took us all by surprise.

In the month or so after the Ambassador event, Larry’s firm received an amazing surge in referrals from these folks. We thought they were tapped out. They thought they were tapped out. But each Ambassador found a “fifth gear”  that nobody had any idea existed.

Let’s examine this for a second.

Clients who had done “all the referring they could possibly do and much more than anyone could dare to expect” delivered a significant surge of new referrals shortly after being nurtured in that particular way.

Do you see the implications for your firm? Are you grasping the underlying principle at work?

Until the Ambassador event, each Ambassador delivered a referral every time they noticed an opportunity. At their stage in their Journey to Justice they had become champions of a great and caring law firm. But even with all the love they felt for the law firm, there was a limit to what they noticed.

And noticing is very much the point.

After being acknowledged and feeling a deepened rapport, they suddenly noticed more opportunities than ever before! Another way to say this is that there are more levels of bonding you may not have explored that open up new possibilities for referrals.

So, the hidden principle of referrals is that a person’s ability to refer is directly proportionate to A) the quality of the relationship,  B) the quality of the rapport, and, the kicker: C) the current intensity and the depth of the feeling of bonding.

This will dictate how many opportunities they will notice and their level of motivation as they reach out to others in need with their passionate recommendation.

So, if you can create a bond with your clients and nurture it, stoke it and keep it hot, your Ambassadors will not only refer in the short term – soon after their case is settled – but they might just take on the identity of Champion. The implications of this phenomenon are profound.

To receive a more in-depth tactical overview of the nurturing process, contact me: moistlotus[at] or by phone (647) 707-3315.

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  1. I totally agree, the larger and deeper connections you make with your network the more referrals you will receive. Referrals and positive word-of-mouth are the most effective ways to build a business. While you can’t directly control how referrals are made, you can create an environment in which they can be made easily. If you want to learn more about how to get greater referrals check out this free ebook (

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