Should a Law Firm Produce Their Own Yellow Pages Ad?

I am sure that by now you are scrutinizing your ad with a magnifying glass! Is there anything about it that would get you onto the “list of one” of a majority of prospects?


Should You Do This Yourself? Should You Rewrite and Redesign Your Ad?

I don’t recommend it. A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. You certainly cannot become a marketing strategist or an effective copywriter overnight. That takes many years of hard work and study.

Your Yellow Pages ad is too important to be left to chance.

You would not perform brain surgery on yourself. And, you wouldn’t want to be the first patient of a new brain surgeon! Plus you know full well that hiring an expert is often the key to winning a big verdict.

Your “jury” in the Yellow Pages is a steady stream of prospects that are looking for a lawyer they can look in the eye and feel understood by. Creating the perfect Ad requires:

  • Connecting with exactly what your prospect is thinking and feeling
  • Articulating the unique value you offer
  • Letting them know what will happen when they contact you
  • Giving them confidence in your track record

These are the tasks of the expert you hire to create your ad. The stakes could not be higher. Once you choose, you are stuck for a whole year. The bills come in whether your phone rings or not.

To receive more in depth information about the principles in Yellow Pages—and to see real examples of law firm Yellow Pages programs we’ve sent into hyper drive—send an e-mail to moistlotus[at] or call me at 416-269-4694.

You know what? Why don’t you call me right now while you’re thinking about it? That way you have the best chance of dominating your heading next year.

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