Lawyers Get Emotional About Yellow Pages Advertising

marketing-emotion The advertiser who understands their prospect’s emotional state wins. There are many “emotional” categories of Yellow Pages ads. Ads for funeral homes come to mind. A person in a state of grief who does not know who to call flips through the Yellow Pages in that tragic time and sees nothing but self-serving ads. If one advertiser understood the mindset of that person, and built an ad around them, it would skyrocket the response. I know, because I’ve done it.

Other emotional categories include pest removal; carpet cleaning… the list could go on. Is carpet cleaning emotional? You bet. Every buying decision starts with emotion.

“I’m upset that my carpet stinks. It’s embarrassing! I’m having company over on Friday night and I want everything to go perfectly. But I’m nervous about calling ANY of these guys. I’m afraid they’ll try the old bait and switch on me.”

It is dissatisfaction (an emotion) that is driving them to your ad. And then, it is fear, doubt, and confusion that keep them from calling because you and all your fellow advertisers are yelling about how wonderful you are.

Do you realize that you have not been speaking to the prospect’s state of mind at all? A skillful marketer will calibrate the emotion—through research—and match up with the emotions of the perfect prospect at the moment of the call.

Finally, do you think your prospect might just be a little bit nervous about calling you or any lawyer? These folks are in an emotional squeeze play. They have to call one of you but they’re scared to death. Compared to an advertiser who knew how to connect with them, you’d look pretty silly.

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