How do you get to the "list of one"?

I want to ask you a simple, and hopefully, not too insulting question. Is there any chance in hell, based on your current ad, that a person could reasonably conclude that you are the ONLY law firm they want to deal with? Forget how much you love your name and slogan or the picture of you standing in front of your law books or the picture of your building or the lurid 4-color shots of car wrecks or the laundry list of matters you can handle.

lawyer advertisingForget all that. Let’s talk straight here. Regardless of the visual theme of your ad is it really possible someone will say, "These guys are the only one"? Isn’t your best hope that you might occupy a place on a short list and the prospect will call around a bit and hopefully get to you too?

The only assurance I can give you is that none of your competitors are on the "list of one" either.

The opening is there if your category is anything like 99.7% of the ads we’ve examined. (To view a 30-minute demo of Category Dominating ads and the principles behind them, call 416-269-4694 or send an e-mail to moistlotus[at]

How do you get on that list of one? The only way to do it is through strategy. Most of the information you’ve seen on Yellow pages is tactical. You know the stuff I mean: improve the headline, run a great photo and include a call to action. All those are tactics. Before I can teach you anything about strategy, I will first have to explain an important concept…I call it Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

"People don’t believe what you tell them—even when it’s true. And, people believe what they tell themselves—even when it’s not true."

You might want to read that over once or twice more. Think about it. When someone says, "We’re the best!" do you believe it? Do you uncritically say to yourself, "Oh, I see…they’re the best? Glad I’ve got that cleared up!" I doubt it. You realize there’s a vast gap between what they are trying to tell you and what you tell yourself.

So, with that in mind, look at your ad again. Are you trying to TELL your prospect about you? Besides wishful thinking, do you have any reason why they should believe what you say?

Here’s a simple headline from a very successful ad that brings in big cases by the truckload for one of our lawyer clients.


Don’t Talk To Any Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Until You Know These Facts

The "facts" in the body copy of the ad have nothing to do with my client. They are well researched and credible facts about the market, about insurance companies and about the legal climate surrounding workplace injury in his state. The injured person almost can’t help but subconsciously conclude that THIS law firm—among the fifty plus pages of lawyer advertising—is different. Everyone else is yelling about how wonderful they are. These guys are giving me something I want right here, right now.

(I will be happy to show you this very profitable ad. Call 416-269-4694.)

Remember, what they conclude in their own mind is true. A strategically positioned ad tends to lead to the following conclusion, "These guys are on a higher level. They are more committed to educating me and protecting me than getting my money. I think I’ll call their 1-800 number NOW".

That’s how you get onto the list of one.

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