The Secret to Yellow Pages Dominance

Albert Einstein once said, “A mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its old shape.”

Get ready to stretch your mind.

yellow page advertising

I have big ideas to share with you that will allow you to dominate your category. Even if you decide to do your ad yourself—which I don’t advise—you will have a better chance of succeeding when you understand these principles.

1. Salesmanship in Print

This is a lens you can put on whenever you look at an ad so you “won’t be fooled again”. A good ad does what a good sales person does. It tells a complete sales story, engages the prospect’s emotions, gives multiple valid reasons, and closes the sale. (See ‘Scientific Advertising’ by Claude Hopkins.)

Does your ad do all that? Take a look! I can wait.

Isn’t it true that your ad is just a listing on steroids? Would you send a sales person out to see a prospect and let them read your current ad and then shut up and see if they offer to buy?

I doubt it.

Then why would you expect a “listing on steroids” to make a sale for you? Effective ads sell your product.

2. People Buy For Reasons

Commit that phrase to memory. It will make you some money one of these days. Once you connect with a person through their emotions, you have engaged them. Now all you have to do is tell a story that gets them comfortable enough to buy from YOU.

If you give them multiple credible reasons to choose you, it’s game over for the competitors whose only creative idea is to yell their phone number in 72-point type.

3. List of One

This is a simple concept, but it’s the big one. It describes the result you really want your ad to produce but didn’t realize was possible. You want an ad that creates a credible basis for the prospect to say, “THIS is the company I’m calling. THESE are the guys I want to deal with, and I’m calling them NOW!”



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