About Liz Heyland

Liz Heyland is a Canadian entrepreneur.

Her company, Snug As A Bug, has been creating and marketing
high quality designer wear for young children for many years. Her
clothing line, her retail store, her trade show chops and her
personality all combine to make her irresistible to thousands of
mothers who want their kids to be the cutest and and warmest
children in the universe.

What makes Liz interesting to me is not just her marketing savvy,
but her business philosophy, and her unerring feel for the

Last night I was wandering through Toronto’s Junction district,
and I saw the lights on at Snug As A Bug. I tapped on the window
and Liz opened the door.

I ended up buying footed pajamas for a friend. They are really
cool. By footed pajamas, of course, I mean full body pajamas with
little pads on the feet, and a poop chute.

You’ve got to love it. Liz has been quietly selling a ton of footed
pajamas online, and each year at Christmas orders go through
the roof.

About the Liz Heyland Philosophy of business. It’s so NOT male.
Males are competitive and ego driven. Liz’s big secret is “getting
along with people”. If she hires someone, her perspective is not
about getting them to do what she wants.

Seems like a reasonable thing to expect. It just does not cross
her mind.

Her thoughts are in finding out what that person will be happy
doing and what they’re good at. Liz has found that things work
out very well when people are doing something they are good
at and enjoying it.

I could go on, but I just thought it would be interesting to write a
few words about Liz and her unusual perspective.

Check her out here:

The Snug As A Bug Website



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2 responses to “About Liz Heyland

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  2. You said you bought the footed pajamas for a friend. But I assume that you meant for the child of a friend? Did you know you could also buy footed pajamas for adults? I went to Liz’s site and they all seem to be the type for kids. Adult Footed Pajamas might seems like a strange idea at first, but they are catching on. Liz has a cool website by the way.

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