You Just Proved Bench Advertising Works!

This is a perennial  dumb ad.

At one time, in the direct marketing world, the very idea that
looking at something had intrinsic value seemed obviously

We used to attend our direct marketing conferences and
laugh at the Madison Avenue hucksters who siphoned
treasure off big companies in exchange for vapid, “award
winning” ads that did not feature the product, that did not
convey any benefit, that represented cuteness or

We were always in awe of the chutzpah of these account
directors gunning directly for an “award” — where other black
clad agency folks voted for their ads based on cleverness
and not on response or profit.

I have known many a business owner whose first foray into
direct marketing was the distribution of 10,000 flyers. The
logic seemed so air tight. “If just one percent of the people
respond, we’ll make $27,000 dollars!” they chirped jubilantly.

If only it was that easy!

And, business owners still buy into bench ads with the
premise of “getting our name out there”.



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