“Newsletters” is a tired medium

Newsletters don’t work like they used to.

The format overwhelms the content. It looks the same as last
time and I already read it last time.

I got this insight sitting in the bath with a stack of mail. I paid
about a G-note for a stock tip sheet a few years ago. And I
couldn’t bother to read it because it looked the same as last

It leaves you with the challenge of coming up with great
subject headers.

I personally prefer news. If something seems new and
current and exciting, then I will more than glance it.

If something looks like the thing which comes every
week or every month at this time, I tend to devalue it.

So I get my clients to send bulletins and updates and
newsflashes rather than newsletters.

Tom St. Louis



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2 responses to ““Newsletters” is a tired medium

  1. Your comments are interesting. In your mind, how do blogs fit into the picture?

    Blessings to you and yours today.


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