Too much input and not enough output

I’ve been studying marketing for so long and so intensely that
sometimes I need a break just to let my brain cool off.

Recently, I bought a whole whack of books and DVD sets
and CD sets and subscriptions. I’m excited about what these
materials are going to do for my business—and for my clients’

But right now, I just need to let off some steam….so I’ve joined
the Blogging revolution. My “birdie” has been saying, over
and over, “too much input and not enough output”!

So, yesterday I spent several hours weeding through
marketing questions from subscribers and writing
answers. That felt good.

So, in the coming days I’ll be chatting with y’all (even
though there’s nobody here yet!) about how to grow
your business, what it’s like to be a marketing wizard,
(exhausting!) and some of the interesting issues that
pass across my desk.

Talk to you soon!

Tom St. Louis



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2 responses to “Too much input and not enough output

  1. Hey Tom,
    Congrats on your new blogsite!! Firstly wanted to thank you for the wonderful value you give to your Marketing from the Heart readers… I really stop what I’m doing to read it and the tips have proven to be very valueable. I especially enjoyed this issue where you answered questions… so if you don’t mind answering another one… I’m considering taking a big leap into the publishing world by now “packaging” my clients projects and selling them to big publishing houses. My leap is that no one knows me in that arena and I’m feeling like a small fish in a big ocean. Any tips for me? Thanks!!!

  2. Mardi

    Hey Tom… great idea… now I can not only connect with your shininess, but also others that are hooked into your brilliance and energy.

    I blogged on and noticed Donna’s question. Being a “niche marketer” for a while and seeing 5% increases in business year over year for our little brand vs the sea of retailer-supported private labels, I say to you… “BE THE SMALL FISH THAT YOU ARE” … but be the most unique, loudest, glow-in-the-dark small fish you can. Stand out because of your cleverness, your art, your difference, rather than your size.

    Has anyone read the book “Radical Marketing” by Sam Hill & Glenn Rifkin… all about niche companies. When the big guys all went right, chasing each other’s tails… the little guys went left, concentrated on quality … and stood out.

    Now all I have to do is apply this to my second career as a small, glow-in-the-dark performer !!

    cheers –

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